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Top Environmental Issues in the News

As the first decade of the Twenty-First Century unfolded to the sound of bickering among the leading nations regarding top environmental issues in the news, it became increasingly clear that the following themes would continue to recur in the news for years to come. What was not clear though was whether humanity will have the resolve to tackle these problems head on during the next decade, or continue being the victims of their own foolishness.

Climate Change continued to be a hot news item with America claiming it did not exist and students upping the ante outside international conferences. The world’s leaders truly deserve a zero out of ten for their shameful inability to take the matter seriously ahead of their own narrow parochial needs.

In the last 50 years of the Twentieth Century, Overpopulation loomed large as the world’s population doubled to 6 billion. This trend among top environmental issues in the news is continuing, egged on by third world ignorance and the next double-up will take just 40 years. Nobody seems to have the faintest idea what to do with impending food riots, pollution, malnutrition, rapidly spreading disease or deforestation.

The Global Water Crisis has continued to be one of the top environmental issues in the news. As we enter the second decade of the Twenty-First Century one in three human beings have insufficient pure, safe drinking water. And yet according to the United Nations, 95% of the world’s cities are still dumping raw sewerage into their own back yards.

The Endangered Species List continued to grow despite an animal species disappearing every twenty minutes. Mother Nature’s creation was once in perfect harmony. Who knows when an undetected chain will break somewhere and put homo sapiens on the list of endangered species too. The price for poached animals went up as surviving rhinos, sharks and elephant were cruelly killed for trinkets valued by foolish people with more money than intelligence.

The debate around Power Generation ratcheted up with both the fossil fuel and nuclear lobbies pushing for lucrative contracts for big firms. As long as government and industry continues to be led by older men with just twenty years left on earth we shall continue to be witnesses to short-sighted decisions like theirs.

China emerged as the next superpower and immediately began to have impacts on the environment, despite still being only being one-twentieth of the way into its development plans. Western protests will have little effect for as long as the five percent of the global population living in North America continue to produce one quarter of all the earth’s pollution.

The ticking time bomb among top environmental issues in the news continues to be the Pandemics and Superbugs that may lurk undetected somewhere in careless laboratories and stinking garbage dumps. Will the wealthy nations have the generosity and goodness of heart to help heal their fellow global citizens when the need calls? Some wonder hopefully, while others speak callously of the need for human depopulation on a global scale.

Top environmental issues in the news like the ones mentioned here may not be around forever, if only for the simple reason that when humankind dies out their cause will disappear too. It would be a great tragedy if the only known civilization in the universe died out through their own ignorance and greed.

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